StealthShopper Wins AWA

StealthShopper Wins AWA

StealthShopper has developed what we consider to be the finest outsourced mystery-shopping platform for car dealers. StealthShopper will mystery shop local dealers not only for pricing policies, but also to evaluate their sales processes. We are excited to announce that StealthShopper has earned them a 2015 AWA in the Sales Process category!

StealthShopper visits local automotive websites and behaves like an auto shopper; they submit a lead. They ask questions specific (even VIN specific) to what that dealer is offering. They use realistic email addresses, local phone numbers, and names consistent with the information. Their software then tracks all contacts (emails and call) for two months to benchmark sales processes over time.

Dealers who are looking to increase market share by beating their local competitors by delivering an outstanding online experience need the insights provided by StealthShopper.

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