Our Services

Read and hear what is being said to your customers.  One simple online report lets you read the emails, listen to the calls, and view improvement over time.

Today, every department in your dealership communicates with your customers online.  StealthShopper Dashboard Diagnostics allows you to quickly and easily monitor the quality and effectiveness of these communications, all in one place.

With StealthShopper – Digital Communication Intelligence, you are able to:

  • See and hear what both your competitors and your team say to customers

  • Compare your response times to those of your competitors

  • Develop sales strategies based on real information


Over 80% of today’s car buyers use the internet to buy their next vehicle.  Many of them request information from you and your competitors by email. StealthShopper™ shows you a side of the online market that you never get to see.

  • Do you know what your salespeople tell your customers?  Would you like to see what your competition tells them?

  • How do your pricing strategies position you against your competition?

  • What do you and your competitors say and offer to the market?

  • How does your competition use the marketplace to improve their web presence?

  • How can you take advantage of all this information?

How StealthShopper Works

Our anonymous shoppers contact you and your competitors through the contact forms on your websites at various days and times.  This research measures the response time of your Internet Department versus that of your competitors, and also logs follow-up communications and promotional practices.

All communications are logged and can be reviewed at any time.

The collected data from this research differentiates between elapsed response times for both automated and non-automated responses.  Professional analysis of this information identifies system and technological issues, helping you to troubleshoot and optimize your website, lead management system, and customer contact strategy.

With StealthShopper™, you gain a unique perspective on the dynamics of the marketplace, which in turn gives you the knowledge to make changes to your marketing strategy with confidence.