Report Features

Navigating the Research-Driven Marketplace

Your dealership’s success hinges on your own ability to research the marketplace and your competitors, and to design and implement a solid marketing strategy based on that research.  StealthShopper offers you a variety of powerful tools to delve into the “wiring under the board” of that strategy, allowing you to fine-tune it to best position your dealership in the marketplace.

The Timeline
A day-to-day, or minute-by-minute, log of all the activity related to your shop.  The timeline allows you to see, at a glance, how quickly and with what frequency your salespeople respond to our mystery shoppers.

Sidebar Overview
A graded overview of the most important data collected from your shop.  The Overview Sidebar gives you the most important details from your shop in broad strokes. You can use it as a starting point for delving into the detailed breakdowns in the Metrics Panel.

Metrics Panel
The Metrics Panel is the heart of StealthShopper. Custom metrics can be added and removed, and all of your store’s metrics can be compared against those of other dealerships.  Data is visualized in chart and graph forms, for at-a-glance numerical comparisons, and to gauge change in performance over time.  The Metrics Panel provides you with a variety of ways to visualize your shop metrics.  Visualization, via charts and graphs, allows you to see how abstract numerical data translates to concrete behaviors.

Email Log
The Email Log allows you to read every email sent by a dealership’s sales team to our mystery shopper’s unique email address.  We log a copy of every email sent to our mystery shopper’s address.  At a glance, you can view key details like send date, price quote and automated or personal response type.  With a single click, you can also view the actual email, in its original format, including images, body text, and other features, like similar vehicle suggestions or links to brochures.

Voicemail Log
The Voicemail Log allows you to hear every voicemail left by a dealership’s sales team at our mystery shopper’s unique phone number.  In addition to email, we log an audio file of every voicemail left by a dealership’s sales team. Not only can you see, at a glance, how often a salesperson called our mystery shopper, but you can also view the duration of the call, and hear the salesperson’s message and vocal delivery.

Device View
With Device View you can review every email and see how it looks in all of the top 5 email viewers. How differently emails look on various devices (email clients) is significant! What dealerships think their customers are seeing and what they are really seeing is dramatically dissimilar. Emails generally look great in the CRM. However, when they get to the customer’s various view ports, graphics, formatting, alignment, etc. are all changed. Possibly diminishing the effectiveness of the email.

Composite Report
Our composite report allows you to choose a date range to view changes over time to your strategy, or a competitor’s strategy.

  • Dealer Grades Breakdown

    Select a custom date range, and then view the performance for any dealer in a shop, including their average, highest and lowest grades, their strengths and weaknesses, and the change in their performance over time.

  • Metrics Timeline

    Use our default date range, or select a custom range, and then view a line graph of performance over time for one or more of your metrics for any dealer in the shop.

  • Graded Metrics Breakdown

    We also provide you with a color-coded chart of metrics grades by date, including totals and averages for each metric.  All of our charts can be exported as Comma Separated Values (CSV) files, so you can import the data into your own spreadsheets for further analysis.

 Are you on target?

By observing your competitors’ actual interactions with customers, you can gain critical insights into their strategies, and refine your own strategy.  The rapidly evolving sphere of Automotive Digital Marketing requires active research into changing systems, practices, and customer behavior.  StealthShopper is a powerful tool that allows you to read and analyze exactly what your competitors say to their customers, so you can identify market changes and take advantage of them before they disappear.